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What would you do in the Zombie Apocalypse?

When I watch films like Zombieland and 28 days later my mind wanders, after the film obviously, to what I would do should the zombies rise up and take over the world. This thought is also inspired by the freedom of information question that asked if¬†Leicester City Council had a zombie readiness plan. You can see a follow up question to Leicester City Council here. To be honest I haven’t come up with an action plan (yet) but I suspect that I would be pretty useless really. After a little bit of zombie hacking (with an axe of course) or running away I would have huge hypo and need to sit down for a bit to recover. This is where they will get me! Either that or the stress and adrenaline would give me a huge hyper and I’d need to keep stopping to wee. This is also where they would get me!

I intended this post to have a bit of humour in it but there are some serious issues that arise from this situation. My wife and I are pretty good at hording toilet rolls and crisps in the event of a zombie apocalypse but I don’t have a stash of diabetic supplies that would keep me going for a long time. In the worst case scenario here the zombies could take out the power grid and that would be the end of my insulin, unless it was mid winter and I could store it outside somewhere, and it would be the end of me.

But back to the lighter side of the zombie apocalypse. I would hope that my diabetes behaves like the zombie curse and they become infected with type 1 diabetes. At least I will have caused them some trouble in return. Diabetic Zombies.